Located in Central Pennsylvania - just 15 minutes off 1-80 - easy access
Lanie Davis (814)263-4878
e-mail: lanieat_congresshill@yahoo.com
1343 Congress Hill Road
Frenchville PA  16836
Congress Hill Farm is situated on 55 acres way out in the country -
you know, the kinda place they pump sunshine into.......Years
ago......we started out with one little shetland pony named Dodie for
our daughter and now we stand
an imported cremello stallion and a
handful of good quality blocky, beautiful,  Gypsy Vanner
mares......which give us a few quality foals to offer for sale each
year.  Nikki, our daughter -you'll see her in a lot of these pics -  is all
grown up and married but still lives, eats, sleeps and breathes
horses on our beautiful farm.   She loves to barrel race but mostly,
as a family, we have miles of trails surrounding us and we are
riding  them, laughing, singing, and just drinking up......... the
sunshine and fresh country air.  The horses we breed are perfect for
spending a weekend at  a show or riding them to the local pub and
tying them up out back!!!!  We appreciate a good honest working
horse and that is what we strive to raise cause  they gotta work for
us before they can work for you!!!!  Feel free to call us cause we
love to talk horses.   
We also raise AKC Pure bred English Bulldogs.

Where the magic happens, our farm.  60 X 100 Indoor
riding arena 7 stall barn, attached tack room and then
another 4 stall barn.
                                          MARE CARE
We offer live cover only at this time.  Mare care is $10./dry & $15./wet.  There is a nonrefundable
booking fee (this also covers the chute fee) of $250. This is part of the breeding fee.  All fees must
be paid prior to mare leaving facilities. There is a return breeding for the
following year should mare not deliver a live foal.  Your mare will be stalled in  a 12 X 16 box stall
with daily turnout and fresh water and unlimited hay.  We grain 2 times  a day.  Mare MUST have
hind shoes removed.
Imported from England and oh so sexy!  Ice loves the
ladies!  Easy
& gentle to breed.  
Lovely conformation
Outstanding, Loving personality...Ice loves his people!
CrCr  Tt  ee  1 sabino
PSSM1 n/n
Fee $1,
200.  live cover only
Mare Care $10/$15