Located in Central Pennsylvania!  Easy Access, 15 minutes from Clearfield
All Horses are on rotational deworming and routine trims
Foals are dewormed according to our deworming program for foals.
LANIE DAVIS 814-263-4878
Expected Height 15.1 PLUS
Sire:  Congress Hill Dun BoDee
Dam:  Cillbarra Rikki
Tango IS a granddaughter of Dunbrody
aa TT Ee
PSSM1 n/n
BIG FLASHY FILLY...both sire and dam are imports....we are on the fence about selling this one!

DOB 5/1/14
PSSM1 n/n clear
a/a Cr/Cr E/e 1 Sabino
Height 14.3 (expected height 15H+)
Offering new blood in the USA.  Imported from the Netherlands and an own son of
ITS Amadeus.  Due to downsizing, and selling most of our mares.We love the
Amadeus line so much and two of our remaining mares are closely related to Jaguar
(a sister).  He handles well and was inspected as a yearling and is a 4 star stallion
AS A BABY!  Jag is expecting his first foal in 2018.  Priced @ $18,000.  Negotiable
with retained breedings.  It is with a heavy heart that we are doing this as I couldn't
ask for a better, well mannered stallion.  I love Jag and a 5 star home is a must!