The Dog's Room.....15 X 25 addition attached to the left of our home. If you could see the
outside storm door close up, you would find pics of our beloved dogs hand painted on it.   
Inside is slate tile floor with a partial slate tile wall for a more durable finish to withstand the
"teeth of time"  3 doggie doors allow for anytime access to the fenced in back yard.  They
prefer our side of the house and only use theirs for potty time!  BUT, usually I have to let them
out the front door:)
This puppy is sold. ..just one of my favorite pictures,,,,
my daughter, Nikki.....
An English Bulldog with an English Sheepdog!!!
We have 3 adult dogs available
at this time.  Priced from
$2,500 - $3,500
If interested please contact us.  
Pictured on the English bulldog
page - Petunia, Hoiker, Frankie